Artist Statement

Nichole Spates has lived in New York City for nearly seventeen years.  Her photographic work reflects the incredible diversity of experiences that she encounters in her daily life as a New Yorker.  Her personal style is expressed through the lens of her particular interests, which beyond photography include urban landscapes and parks, dance in nearly any form, nature- particularly how it finds its way into the seemingly most inhospitable places- modern art and public art.

Nichole’s images, composed or ephemeral, often speak to nostalgia.  Although captured by an artist who is firmly rooted in a fast-moving contemporary space, her images often draw parallels to simpler times.   Her series ConTEXTnaTURE zeroes in on the beauty of leaf structure, surface and geometry, but portrays this beauty in sepia tones, conveying a loss connection to nature in contemporary life.  Another project, Femmes Fatales, features photographs composed to represent the double life of working women who shed their serious obligations of the day to tread the dance floor in the evenings, a subject of personal significance.

Her most recent projects look to what she calls Urban Abstraction.  This abstraction occurs when a meeting of reflection, shadow, line, movement and/or displacement, for example, converge to creates an arresting and somewhat surreal image that could only been seen in a dense urban environment.

To advance her photographic work, Nichole founded her LensMomentsNS brand in 2018, with the vision of finding beauty in the unexpected. In addition to being enjoyed as fine art, she sees her work as having wide appeal for exhibition and enjoyment in private homes or in institutional settings such as hotels, hospitals or offices.

Nichole exhibits, sells and occasionally donates her work.  Contact her with inquiries!