A native of Atlanta, Nichole Spates has lived in New York City for the past seventeen years.  Her photographic work, which has increased in scope and volume over the last few years, reflects the incredible diversity of experiences that she encounters in her daily life as a New Yorker.  Her style is expressed through the lens of her personal interests which, beyond photography, include urban landscapes and parks, dance in nearly any form, nature- especially how it finds a way into even the most urban of environments, modern art and public art.  Photography is a “third career” for her, following one in Dance Education in her 20’s, and non-profit and higher education fundraising in her 30’s and early 40’s.  However, seeking out striking imagery through a lens has been a factor in her life since her teens.

To advance her photographic work, Nichole founded her LensMomentsNS brand in February 2018. She sees her images as having wide appeal, suitable for exhibition in private homes or in institutional settings such as hotels, hospitals or offices.  It is serious work that aims to shed light on beautiful moments in everyday life. Fittingly, her 2019 New Year’s resolution was to “find beauty in the unexpected.”

In the short time since establishing LensMomentsNS, Nichole’s work has been shown in eight group exhibitions in New York City, in venues as diverse as LIC Arts’ Plaxall Gallery, Grand Central Terminal, Ground Floor Gallery Brooklyn and at Treat Gallery’s Exhibitions at Satellite Art Show, Brooklyn and Pulse Art Fair Miami.  In addition, five of her photographs have been recognized by LightSpaceTime, an online gallery, and she has donated work to charity art sales and silent auctionsi n support of causes that are important to her. She continues to seek opportunities to share her view of the world with others through photography.

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