Spotlight on: Maritime Themed Photography

Updated 7/26/19

Even if you’re not a boater, you may enjoy images evoking sand and water.  I was fortunate to work at a campus on Brooklyn’s shoreline for several years in a neighborhood called Manhattan Beach.

On breaks, I would wander around looking for things to photograph. The knots and twists and fraying of ropes was particularly interesting for me. These are a few of those images. A few of these I have in inventory, theses have PayPal buttons below the image

recycled yacht ropes, wound tightly
Detail of yacht ropes used in a sculpture.

Maritime Ropes: Textural

Detail of repurposed marine ropes used in a public art sculpture. 5×7 photo print with mat. First edition, signed on back. Price includes shipping in the US. Please include your full mailing address. (c) LensMomentsNS/Nichole Spates Thank you!


discarded ropes on a dock
Ropes cast aside forming interesting lines




As always, I sell and exhibit my work.  Contact me via this site or at for inquiries!


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